Archaeoacoustics is a field within archaeology and acoustics which studies the relationship between people and sound, including sound resonance of ancient dwellings and buildings. There is a fascinating article written back in 2008 by researchers at ULCA that explored the sound resonances of buildings such as the Hypogeum in Malta dating back to 2500 BC and there effect in inducing an altered state of consciousness in individuals in those buildings.

    It is thought that shamans used these resonances to induce a trance-like state from where the shaman would then be able to convey messages from the spirits of ancient tribal leaders and prophesy forthcoming events.

    The researcher designed an experiment where several participants were played through headphones a series of single sinusoidal tones ranging from 95 to 110 Hz. The participants were asked how the tones made them feel and if they felt themselves going into a dissociative state. From the tones played, the majority of participants felt the tone around 105Hz produced a feeling of going into a dissociative state.

    To try it out I've recorded a 10 minutes session of 105Hz sinusoidal tone, and a second recording with a backing vocal from Lisa Gerrard - Sacriface.

    105Hz only.

    105Hz with Lisa Gerrard - Sacrifice.


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